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Dog Bite Injuries Attorney in Altamonte Springs, Florida

For most Americans, dogs are known as man's best friend. This is especially true in Florida, where outdoor activities attract dozens of tourists, locals, and their dogs to beaches, parks, community events, outdoor restaurants, and even shopping malls. For some individuals, however, their personal experiences with dogs may not be so positive, especially if they were the victim of a severe dog attack or bite resulting in a personal injury.

Florida law provides that anyone who owns a dog is responsible for any damage that dog does to a person or domestic animal, or livestock. In the law this is known as "strict liability" as the person injured is entitled to recover for their injuries without any showing that the owner did anything wrong.

While some breeds of dogs such as pit bulls, Dobermans, and German shepherds have a controversial and notorious reputation for being aggressive, personal injuries from a dog attack can come from any breed of dog.

While dog owners are strictly liable for the damage caused by their dogs, there are some exceptions when it comes to bites. If the owner prominently displays a "BAD DOG" sign and the bite occurs on the owners property with such a sign, the owner will not be strictly liable to anyone who is 6 years or older. The owner can still be liable if he was negligent in any way that caused the dog to bite.
A victim of personal injury via a dog attack will want to hold the dog owner responsible. In order to best ensure this, a victim of a dog bite in central Florida will typically consult a central Florida personal injury attorney to help them fight for their case. Otherwise, a victim of a dog bite may be left without compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other medical bills and expenses. If you or someone you love live in the central Florida area and have been the victim of a dog bite or attack, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. I am a personal injury attorney that has helped former victims of dog attacks in central Florida gain peace of mind through justice for their traumatic experience and compensation for pain and suffering.

Call me immediately following your dog attack. Help keep the community safe by holding neglectful dog owners responsible and get the needed compensation for your injuries.