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Truck Accidents Attorney in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Every day, a wide range of automotive vehicles share the roads and highways of central Florida. Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, trailers, and even emergency response vehicles like police cars and ambulances must all cooperate in safely arriving at their destination. Once in a while, however, a commercially owned and operated vehicle may spin out of control, leak toxic fuels, or drop heavy and dangerous debris from the loading bed onto the road, causing death or injuries to other drivers and passengers.

Commonly, commercial trucks and vehicles are held to a greater standard of safety and operation while driving on the roads due to their larger size, cargo capacity, difficulty in handling, and industrial capabilities.

Companies are often required to keep up-to-date records of vehicle maintenance, safety guidelines, accident reports, and other information such as "how's my driving?" signs to help individuals on the road identify reckless company drivers. Nonetheless, commercial truck accidents in Florida can still happen to due to the faults of the vehicle or the driver. These faults may include:

  • Unsafe lane change or passing by a truck driver
  • Driving on an illegal road
  • Improperly secured loads of cargo
  • Exceeding of the commercial vehicle's loading capacity
  • Defective equipment or improper maintenance on the vehicle
  • Driving during poor weather conditions
  • Negligent or reckless driving by the company driver
  • Failing to obey traffic laws and signals while on the road
While there are many methods that may account for the causes of a commercial truck accident, the sheer size and weight of these vehicles on the road are enough to cause severe injuries or death to multiple parties in the case of a vehicle malfunction or reckless driving. Surviving family members of truck accident victims often do not possess the negotiating power or legal expertise needed to convince insurance companies to pay the full amount of compensation of damages they deserve. Most commonly, insurance companies will attempt to settle for unreasonably small amounts, leaving truck accident victims to deal with medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, and other expenses all alone. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a truck accident in central Florida, you do not need to go through this difficult time in your life alone. I may be able to help you and your loved ones improve your chances of receiving full compensation for damages.

I am an Orlando truck accident and personal injury attorney that has been helping victims of automobile accidents receive compensation for their losses for over 20 years. Before speaking to an insurance agent or representative, contact me immediately to set up a free legal consultation to discuss your options. I can help you and your family with locating medical professionals in your area well as guide you through the personal injury claims process. Call today to see how you may be able to move forward with a truck accident personal injury lawsuit.