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Each state sets its own auto insurance laws and regulations, which generally comprise two types - fault-based or tort insurance, and no-fault insurance. Florida is one of a dozen states that require drivers to purchase no-fault insurance. Part of that coverage includes what is known as personal injury protection (PIP).

Under PIP if you're injured in an auto accident, you must rely first on your PIP coverage to reimburse you for any economic losses related to your injuries, including medical expenses and lost income from missing work. If your injuries are severe enough, then you can sue the at-fault driver and their insurance company, or even your own insurance company.

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How PIP Works - and How I Can Help

No-fault insurance requires you to make a claim against the PIP provision in your auto policy when you are injured in an accident. However, PIP covers only 80 percent of your medical expenses and only 60 percent of your lost wages. A basic PIP policy also can be exhausted fairly quickly. It also doesn't reimburse you for pain and suffering or other emotional and mental issues.

Florida law allows you to sue the other driver if that person was at fault, to collect that portion of your medical bills and lost wages that PIP did not pay, and to recover pain and suffering damages.. That's why it's essential to bring the details of your accident to me immediately after the accident. I can assess what happened, and advise you of your best options going forward, including the possibility of a lawsuit. In fact, after you make your initial insurance/PIP claim, let me handle the negotiations with the claim adjuster who will be assigned to you.

Claims adjusters are trained professionals whose role it is to get you to admit some portion of the fault or disclose some pre-existing condition to prevent paying for your injuries. That's why you should let an experienced personal injury attorney like me deal with insurance representatives and demands. If they send you a medical release form to sign, run that by me as well. Don't sign anything until I've reviewed it.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A lawsuit is filed only when the insurance company refuses to pay a fair amount on the claim. Prior to the lawsuit being filed I will try to resolve your claim presuit which is generally in your favor as my fees and costs will be greatly reduced compared to if a lawsuit is required. When a lawsuit is required, the PIP law provides that only economic damages are compensated for unless you have a permanent injury. If you do have a permanent injury you are able to see not only your lost wages and medical bills, but also your non-economic injuries such as pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

You must prove that the other driver was at least more than 50 percent at fault. Under Florida's revised comparative negligence rule (as of March 2023), any party that is more than half at fault cannot seek damages from the other driver.

Say you're rear-ended but it was because you slammed on your brakes for no reason, or your brake lights didn't work. If the jury determines you to be more than 50 percent at fault, you can't win anything from the driver who struck you in the rear and caused your injuries.

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Insurance companies are for-profit institutions, so their goal - through the claim adjuster - is to minimize what they pay out. That's why you should let me handle all negotiations, answer all their questions, and review anything they send you to sign. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in or around Altamonte Springs, Florida, reach out to me immediately at the Law Office of Mark A. Cornelius, P.A.